End of Innocence

“Thoroughly brilliant book” Amazon reviewer

“I loved the characters” Amazon reviewer

“… a gripping thriller which I couldn’t put down” Goodreads reviewer

“… a good West Coast Canadian mystery novel that kept me on the edge of my seat.” Amazon reviewer

“I loved the strong female lead, she persevered in tough times to come out stronger.” Goodreads reviewer

EOI-May 21 EBook Cover final

Alex Desocarras is investigating two abductions linked to human trafficking when a lead implicates a fellow high-ranking RCMP officer.

Goodreads Reviews

End of Innocence, a debut novel in a mystery thriller series, introduces Sgt. Alex Desocarras, an RCMP Detective stationed in the town of 100 Mile House in British Columbia’s beautiful and rugged South Cariboo.

When a young Gits’ilaasü girl, Carey Bolton, is kidnapped, the RCMP have no leads. Weeks later, an anonymous caller claims he saw Carey entering a house in East Vancouver, BC, 1,200 kilometres from home. The Vancouver Police act quickly but find the house vacant. Carey’s desperate mother asks family and friends in Vancouver to follow up. On her second visit, filmmaker Morgan O’Meara finds the house vacant and looking for answers, leaves a note. Three days later, she disappears.

Alex Desocarras is investigating Morgan’s disappearance when Detective Jeri Fernice of the VPD MPU contacts him with evidence that the O’Meara and Bolton abductions are linked.

Following a hunch on who the anonymous caller might be, Desocarras and Fernice are forced undercover when Alex finds evidence that implicates a high-ranking RCMP officer in both abductions. And at least one other.

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Paperback, Canada

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Book 2 in the Alex Desocarras Series will be out in 2019!

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