The Swahili storytellers have this quote: “The story has been told. If it was bad, it was my fault, because I am the storyteller. But if it was good, it belongs to everybody.”

Detective Alex Desocarras Mystery Series

Publishing Nov 30th

The star witness in a case against a paedophile ring that has operated under the radar in British Columbia for years is brutally murdered. An Indigenous hacktivist following the case finds a coded message hidden on a RCMP server. Deciphering it, he risks exposure to warn Alex Desocarras of its chilling contents.

Red Paint Excerpt

Book 1

A child is missing and the gutsy filmmaker trying to find her is abducted. A clue in a cryptic tweet leads Desocarras to the mother of another child abducted years before. When he identifies a high ranking RCMP officer as the main suspect, he is forced undercover. “… a gripping thriller I couldn’t put down.” Goodreads

Blue Star Excerpt

Previously published as End of Innocence

Goodreads Reviews

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