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Vancouver, BC has been my home for many years. I’ve been an outreach worker, a carpenter’s helper, a cook and a waiter. Recollections about my cooking jobs are few, as I was a terrible short order cook. Teaching first aid was far more interesting as was working as a bartender. (I loved bar tending). I once taught first aid, tended bar and worked on-call as a secretary, all during the same winter. I’ve worked in more offices than I can remember, on a few factory floors including a fish factory in Vancouver, BC and a packaging facility for saran wrap. The second job ended when I stuck my hand in a pot of hot glue near the end of the third shift. Fortunately for me, I already had the first aid training.

As I found out, making a living can be difficult and tiring if you haven’t lined up what you love to do with what you’re actually doing. Music has always been one of my great passions. While I studied music and music composition, I worked at Octopus Books in Vancouver. I went back and forth between writing and music for a while, before music won out. For about 20 years, composing, arranging and teaching music was my life. A life filled with music is a wonderful thing, but there was something else I loved just as much and that was writing.

End of Innocence is my first novel. Part II will be published in June, 2018.