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Valerie.smallest - about Val

I have lived in BC for many years. I’ve been an outreach worker, a carpenter’s helper, a (terrible) short order cook and a waiter.  Teaching first aid was far more interesting as was working as a bartender. (I loved bar tending!). I once taught first aid, tended bar and worked on-call as a secretary, all during the same winter. I’ve worked in more offices than I can remember, on a few factory floors including a fish factory in Vancouver, BC and a packaging facility for saran wrap. The second job ended when I stuck my hand in a pot of hot glue near the end of the third shift. Fortunately, I already had the first aid training.

I went back and forth between writing and music for a while, before music, my other great passion, won out. During the years that I studied music and music composition, I worked part-time job at Octopus Books, ostensibly for groceries, but most weeks, I was book poor! For about 20 years, composing, arranging and teaching music was my life. A life filled with music is a wonderful thing, but there was something else I loved just as much and that was writing.

End of Innocence is my first novel. The sequel, Book 2 in the series, will be published in October, 2018.